iRTU – The Best Controller for Your SCADA


Our secure and scalable RTUs can simultaneously handle older (e.g. Modbus) and newer (e.g. IEC 61850) protocols on serial, wireless and Ethernet networks — making substation automation less complex and more affordable.

Remote tele control units (RTUs) for SCADAs are frequently employed as bay controllers for data acquisition in substations, often requiring further devices for gateway and more advanced functionalities like load shedding or microsecond timestamping. Our modular iRTUs are powerful controllers with embedded Ethernet switches, state-of-the-art features and internal I/Os, allowing you to do it all with one small device.

They can map serial servers to IEC 61850 logical nodes, collect and process data from old and new IEDs, report directly to the control center with any standard protocol (e.g. IEC 60970–5-104, DNP3) and handle all common protocol conversions: Modbus to IEC 61850, IEC 101 to IEC 104, Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP, Modbus to Ethernet IP (Serial to Ethernet in general), IEC 103 to DNP3 and many more.

A network architecture based on iRTUs is open and scalable: you can easily integrate future generations of devices (IEDs, sensors, routers etc.) and adapt to any present and future needs, such as changing the network topology or communication media.

Product Highlights

  • Secured, adaptable and modular Remote Tele control Units suitable for all environments and power distribution systems

  • Advanced functionalities such as load shedding, microsecond timestamping, PRP redundancy or PLC automation with IEC 61131–3
  • Full range of protocols (DNP3.0, IEC 61850, IEC 60870–5… ) to communicate with all devices and control centers connected to your electrical network.
  • Embedded Ethernet switch with (2) 10/100 BaseTx, (2) FX100 fiber optics and RSTP/ PRP/ HSR redundancy Up to 4 Ethernet ports, 4 serial ports, and optional, internal 4G, 3G and GPRS modems
  • iRTU as Bay Control Unit

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