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SCADA for Substation Automation, Power Distribution Systems & Automated Generation Control. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are fundamental for the automation and local/remote control of generation plants and substations. iControl SCADA software is adaptable to any application requirements, from small substations and power plants to full medium voltage grids, always working in the same environment.

Our SCADA automation systems provide an intelligent HMI for real-time monitoring and control combined with advanced data acquisition, regardless of the communication protocol, the RTU to connect to, or the architecture (standalone, client/server or redundant) in place.

iControl SCADA also guarantees complete interoperability and unites all important functionalities for electricity distribution networks, such as single-line diagrams, playback event reproduction, quality of service calculations (SAIDI & SAIFI ratios), templates or SQL database and alarm/event management. It was specifically designed for the energy sector, allowing us to create a simple and intuitive interface for the operation and configuration of substation automation systems (SAS) and distribution control centers.

Product Highlights

  • Secured, high-performance and easy-to-use SCADA HMI control software with all recommended features for electricity distribution systems, going beyond industry requirements to fulfill particular client needs
  • Adapt our SCADA to your preferred architecture/ topology, from simple standalone systems to complex redundant schemas with remote clients and SQL data storage
  • Analyze and visualize your electricity distribution network comfortably in real-time on a single platform or connect its data archive to a 3rd party database
  • Generate customized reports, triggered periodically or by any kind of event/alarm
  • Manage multiple communication protocols at the same time – from simple Modbus to IEC 61850 (MMS & GOOSE), both master and slave, including common protocols for control center communication, such as IEC 60870–5-104/101, DNP3.0 or OPC UA
  • Display the SCADA in real-time with an internet browser using the iControl web viewer, blocking any unwanted/dangerous activity with integrated safety measures.

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