About Dhee

Dhee is Sanskrit means “ intelligence', design 'opinion', 'meditation', 'imagination”

At Dhee we are an inspired team to use intelligence to solve common problems. The Hindu scripture advocates that the purpose of all human actions should be to benefit the society. Leading a purposeful and a meaningful life is “Really Simple” Dhee team is inspired to develop products and services to simplify lives


Dhee, an energy house exploring higher dimensions of human capabilities to create simple products and solutions for the betterment of the society at large


Dhee will strive to improve 30 million lives by 2025 by creating simple products and services

Dhee Leadership

The leadership at Dhee follow a simple rule “Walk the talk” Strong vision, commitments to the goals, empathy and simplicity define Dhee team

About Us

Dhee Automation provides SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) services to Power Utilities and EPC's. Our Smart Grid solutions include advanced metering and automatic demand management system for Transmission and distribution, Substation automation solution for transmission utilities and Control Centre solutions.

Provide expertise in IEC protocols including IEC 61850, DLMS, ICCP and IEC 60870-5 -101/104 and integrate heterogeneous environment of IED's at the substations with the Control Centre.

We provide a range of services from analysis and design to development, testing and training. We have worked with utilities across India and implemented Substation automation system using BCU and RTU systems. Our execution team has years of experience in successfully implementing RTU and Substation automation systems up to 400 kV.

We have proficiency in SCADA, PLC, Gateways (Data concentrator unit) and RTU.

In 2018, Dhee automation formed a joint venture with iGrid T&D Spain. iGrid products are being used worldwide from Chile to Indonesia, thanks to their capability to communicate with any kind of control center, meter, protection relay, BCU, PLC or other IEDs, taking advantage of the long list of supported protocols, including IEC60870-5–101, 104, DNP3.0, IEC60870-5–102, IEC60870-5–103, DLMS, Modbus RTU/TCP, Profibus, Procome and IEC 61850 amongst others.

Our Solutions

Our software solutions provide valuable insights into a utility’s business operations. This enables them to take the right business decisions to improve performance.

  • Control centre solutions
  • Substation Automation
  • Automatic Data logging Systems
  • RTU Systems
  • Disturbance Recording
  • Grid Metering
  • Automatic Demand Management system
  • Smart Metering
  • DLMS/ COSEM Solutions